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List the items you wish to purchase:
1.  One or more prints on artisan paper.
2.  The size of each print are sizes : 10", 16", 20", 24", 36", 42", inches, (Small
paintings should be proportionate to their size as naturally they would be). All
sizes are approximate lengthwise, horizontally or vertically depending on the
longest side. The shorter side will fill out the remainder of the rectangle. So no
print need be cropped.  
3.  Would you like a print  that is just laminated? It adds stiffness to a print and  
is shipped to you in a roll.
4.  A print looks best with a frame and the fact that you can hang it. But a frame
comes with various options. Would you like to have your print come with a mat
or simply leave it as is with just a frame?. Give it a mat even if it's only 1'' wide.
5.  Pick out a frame of your choice. All frames come with glass to protect your
print (actually Plexiglas since glass may break upon shipping). All framed paper
prints come with hangers attached to the rear.

1.  Canvas prints wrapped around wooden frames (traditional museum style).
2.  The side edges on which the canvas is stretched without a frame can be in
white or in black. Or, if you wish to attach a frame to it make sure that it has
enough depth to it for a better fit.
3   One of the benefits of having a canvas print is that you don't need to have a
picture frame if you don't want to. But, without a frame no hangers are attached.
If this is the case you can purchase a 3M command picture hanger strip to affix
to the wall if you don't want to use a nail. They can be purchased at Target,
Staples, Bed and Bath, and Amazon.
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Prints on paper: With a mat?. With a frame and glass?. And the size?
[click on the drop down for the size you'd like.
Prints on stretched canvas: Museum wrapped on sturdy bars. Black or
white sides? A frame? Size?
Prints On Paper
Stretched Canvas Prints