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1- "Ozzie Guillen, the player" (acryllic)     
2- "Walter Payton, 'His sweetness" (acrylic)           
3- "Mike Ditka and Butkus" "Da Bears"             
4- "Hibiscus and the peacock"  (acrylic)
6- "Butterfly Bush" (acrylic)
9- "Duet"
10- "Lilly Pond" (acrylic)
7- "Brightness
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8- "Wild Iris"  
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11- "Late Summer's Delight" (acrylic)
12- "Amaryllis Dancing" (acrylic)  
No. 5 - "Botanic Garden"
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Across the shallow pond, flight
to the other shore of Nirvana
Student meets teacher
The free and independent person.
My mind is dancing